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Current Vacancies

  • Front-End JavaScript Developer

    Who knows their way around React, Redux and data-driven apps, but most importantly just a nice person!

  • Python Developer

    Ideally with a bit of geo-spatial or GIS experience, but most importantly just a nice person!

Don’t see anything that suits? No stress. You’re welcome to get in touch speculatively and we can see if you’d be a good fit.

A note to recruiters and agencies

We don’t want to be rude but we are running out of ways to politely say NO.

We receive multiple calls a day from agencies. We know you are trying to help, and that you represent excellent candidates, but we simply don’t have the time to deal with so many calls so please don’t waste your time; the answer will always be a firm NO.

Who Are We?

A growing technology company working in the data and analytics space.

We are a scale-up with a difference: we are backed by some of the largest VC and family office funds in the world and we work with some of the biggest companies in the world to unleash the potential of data.

We don’t really know what it means to be Scotland’s “most exciting” or “fastest growing” start up as we have no way to measure ourselves like that.

What we do know is our people love coming to work, our customers love what we do and we have the potential to change the way global businesses gain disruptive insight from data.

We are a team of like-minded people who enjoy working hard and spending time together both at work and socially.

A leadership team with their heart in the right place.


Life at Brainnwave

At Brainnwave you will be part of a small, distributed (but mostly local) team doing exciting things with data and business intelligence.

You won’t be bored, nor micro-managed. We value talent and we want you to have a voice in the company.

We like to work hard, but we also have a healthy work-life balance and a range of social activites always on the go.

You’ll be provided with the right kit for the job, and we’ll make every attempt to accommodate your requirements. You’ll be paid a competitive wage, NI and pension contributions and will have unlimited holidays.

Because we all work remotely now, we do lunches together from time to time and there are a bunch of perks (such as innovation funds and budget for conferences and learning) but you get the idea: we’re keen for people to wake up in the morning and want to do good work.

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The team scrum

Life in Edinburgh

One of the best small cities in the world.

Despite working remotely, Edinburgh is local for most of the team, and not only do we think Edinburgh is one of the best small cities in the world, it’s safe, friendly and well connected.

Edinburgh's Skyline

As a centre for innovation, finance, technology and media it’s top, with a very strong start-up scene. We’ve got fibre optic in most places, the rent isn’t sky-high, and everywhere is walkable.

We have festivals for everything, but the most conspicuous of all is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which sees millions of visitors descend on the city in August, for a month of comedy, theatre, music, performance and entertainment. As well as this annual event, there are film festivals, book festivals, science festivals and celebrations of just about every conceivable type. Not to mention Europe’s biggest street-party, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations at new year.

It’s not all festivals though. We have a big selection of both high-street and boutique shops, a crazy-good scene for foodies, with local brands, eateries and drinkeries (is that a word?) in abundance. There’s never any shortage of incredible sustenance. Night life is strong with great bars and clubs across the city from student dives to secret bars, from pop-up events to long-established clubnights.

Oh and if you’re looking for historical culture, there’s plenty. From a stonking great castle in the middle of the city, to hidden underground tours, museums, galleries, palaces and manor houses, we have all the old stuff you could possibly want to walk round.

Edinburgh's Museum of Scotland

Oh yeah, there’s also a number of parks, gardens, and natural beauty around if you want to run up a massive hill, round a big meadow or along a beautiful river.

And if you run out of stuff to do (which you won’t) then Glasgow’s just an hour away on the train.

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