Uncovering Hidden Opportunities Within Your Data.

Are you making the most of your business data?

Brainnwave are
data experts.

We provide the platform and expertise that enables you to enrich and analyse your data, making it usable and profitable.

Imagine someone could take all your messy business data; sort it and simplify it, enrich it and combine it with useful information, and then, on top of all that, give you a tool that shows you insight and opportunities that improve your bottom line.

That’s basically Brainnwave.

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Our Data Sources

We work with many sources alongside your data, here are just a few...

Brainnwave are helping change the way we do business. The platform enables us to make more informed decisions. The platform Brainnwave are developing is using data analytics to provide us with the insights that we cannot access today due to the complexity of the questions we need to answer. This will be a game changer for our global business.

Stephane le Corre | Strategy & Commercial Development Director, Aggreko Power Solutions