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Brainnwave Augmented BI Platform

Our Solutions.

Modern analytics are being built on a new generation software stack that continues to evolve even as it succeeds. Some of the brightest software development talent, data scientists, and BI power users are extracting incredible value from an ever-expanding pool of relevant data.

But the cost of entry into the world of Augmented BI has been too high.

The Brainnwave Augmented BI Platform was designed to create repeatable success in the use of predictive analytics, machine learning, data science, and data visualization projects in an affordable, scalable SaaS model.

Brainnwave's ABI Platform

Platform Features.

Data Engineering

Enterprise Data Connectors
for automated data consolidation.

Data Augmentation
Streaming market feed data connectors for integrating commercially available datasets.

Data Cleansing and Transformation
Data cleansing, blending and transformation engines to transform disparate datasets into valuable information assets.

Data Model
Each customer engagement with Brainnwave results in a unique, evolving data model that represents all of the data sources and derived datasets on which all analytics are run.

SaaS Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Native and Open Source Services
Containerization of Brainnwave reusable and extensible micro-services enables rapid deployment, and rapid response to customer requirements.

SaaS Execution Model
Handles and hides inherent complexity of multi-level data and analytics architecture, avoiding the re-invention of the data model and data platform.

Augmented Analytics

Machine Learning
Built-in analytics modules to run machine learning and complex statistical models.

Data Science and Predictive Analytics
Market feed data connectors for integrating commercially available datasets.

Extensible Visualization
Data cleansing, blending and transformation engines to transform disparate datasets into valuable information assets.

Security and Governance

Single Sign On
Using standard directory services provides a trusted, seamless integration with existing BI and big data platforms.

Business Process Management
Enables the creation of workflows, approvals and role-based operations.

Augmented BI Deployed as SaaS.

By 2021, 94% of all compute workloads will be done in the cloud, while a growing percentage of the data that will inform your most important assumptions and decisions will be both generated and stored in the cloud.

The Brainnwave Augmented BI Platform was conceived and built as a SaaS offering, designed specifically for C-level executives and business strategists.

That means, for your team: NO coding, NO scripting, NO tuning, NO fussing. We let business visionaries do what they do best: develop a winning strategy with the data to back it up.

Highly Available, Containerized Microservices Deployment.

Creating modern, large-scale application platforms requires a level of quality, performance, and scalability to be built into virtually every aspect of the platform. This can only really be accomplished with a microservices approach married with a high degree of portability and unhindered scaling of containerized software modules.

The Brainnwave Platform assiduously follows this path to deliver a visual SaaS offering that can elastically scale without human tuning or intervention.

Because individual modules can scale linearly, the simple addition of additional container nodes ensures that performance, scalability and stability is transparent and completely invisible to the user.

Invisible Data Engineering.

The reason new data analytics programs seem slow to progress, is that each dataset requires wrangling before it can be useful. This cleansing, de-duplicating, transforming, and preparing of all datasets for use is necessary work, but provides no differentiating value: it’s a chore.

This is part of the core value of the Brainnwave Platform: the chores and drudgery of data preparation is invisible to end users. Brainnwave users don’t need to worry about the many options for cloud infrastructure, servers, databases, data formats, data model, or storage.

Analytics that Evolve with Your Business.

Another chore associated with big data programs is tracking the compatibilities, versions, and dependencies of the myriad technologies that make up a modern analytics stack. On top of that, things are changing so quickly that parts of the analytics stack might fall out of favor and be replaced with another rising technology.

This is why Brainnwave’s modular microservices architecture and SaaS deployment makes sense. Brainnwave takes care of all the complicated behind-the-scenes details so that you can focus on diving the maximum value from the data.

A Visual Interface, Assembled to Your Specifications.

Brainnwave delivers a visual feast of dashboards, visualizations, and web pages that you help design. We have become adept at creating screens that provide maximum context and maximum visibility of the metrics that matter.

We also employ mapping, geospatial, and satellite image analysis to provide greater clarity and context to your understanding of your business and your market space. On top of that, if your visualization experts are already using Qlik, Tableau, or PowerBI, they can go on using those tools and access data from the Brainwave platform.

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