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  • Roundabout Route to a New World Where Data is the Driver

    Our CEO Steve Coates has been featured in the Herald newspaper’s Business Voices section today. You can read the article by downloading the PDF here.

    June 9th, 2020 in Press & PR

  • Providing insight through data: Brainnwave applies augmented intelligence to pinpoint opportunity

    Perhaps the most daunting aspect of the information age is the shear amount of available data. How can decisions be made when a simple Internet search can lead to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of results, combined with the ever-changing conclusions from a wealth of analytics firms, as well as the volume of a

    September 27th, 2019 in Press & PR

  • Brainnwave at SPE Offshore Europe 2019

    Our CEO Steve Coates was interviewed at SPE Offshore Europe this year. He talks very briefly about what Brainnwave do, what our platform does and how it can help businesses get ahead in the race to close new business deals. Watch the video above.

    September 17th, 2019 in Brainnwave, Press & PR

  • Brainnwave “In The Spotlight”

    Brainnwave is made up of a team of data and technology experts who are disrupting the way in which companies use their data to deliver competitive advantage. There are twelve full time employees who are headquartered in the heart of Edinburgh, which was recently named the UK’s third top tech innovation destination. Brainnwave operates on

    May 27th, 2019 in Press & PR

  • Monday Interview: Firm’s Brainnwave idea is to keep business simple

    Steve Coates quoted a popular romantic comedy from the 1990s to describe how he courted his co-founder of Edinburgh tech firm Brainnwave. Recalling his pitch to Graham Jones, whom Mr Coates was hoping to lure as chief technology officer, Mr Jones delighted his suitor by responding with a famous line from Jerry Maguire. While romance was

    May 9th, 2019 in Press & PR

Brainnwave are a great example of how companies can deliver complex data science projects by leveraging their network, partnering with academia and by building the ecosystem of data experts.

The Data Lab has been a partner with Brainnwave for several years and they have contributed greatly to the data driven innovation agenda for Scotland and have leveraged opportunities to build and grow their data talent and expand their capabilities significantly in both data science and artificial intelligence.

Gillian Docherty – CEO – The Data Lab

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