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Generate deeper insights from your data.

Answers to the Most Important Questions

We help you understand the utilities industry better than anyone else. Generate deeper insight from the data and stay one step ahead of the competition. Be the first to know where the next business opportunity will come from.

With the Brainnwave platform you can make use of data and algorithms to instantly discover new opportunities and plan your business development.

How can we identify all potential outages within the next six months?

With the Brainnwave platform it’s as easy as switching on the gas flaring layer (which takes live satellite data and uses machine learning to identify gas flares, volume of gas flared and frequency of gas flare).

You can then overlay operators in your regions of interest and identify any target opportunities based on your criteria (e.g. flaring frequency > 95% over last 6 months, volume of gas flared > 1MW equivalent).

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How do we understand the structure of the power market we are targeting?

The platform has merit-order curves for each country. To view them, it's as simple as selecting any country and then navigating to the merit order curve page.

The merit order curve takes live fuel prices and presents a structural view of the generation capacity in market.

In addition to this you can input product specific metrics such as in-market capacity for your products and see real-time how they impact the merit order curve.

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How do we understand the electrification rates of target markets?

Selecting any country or region will quickly allow you to understand what percentage of the population is connected to the grid via the electrification rates data.

You can also switch to electricity consumption data and build an understanding of the current demand dynamics.

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Brainnwave’s augmented intelligence platform pulls structured and unstructured data from multiple sources; it is always up to date with real-time data feeding your analytics 24/7.

Stay informed through our targeted news articles from the most relevant news sources and from internal market reports. The platform provides a single and accessible platform to ensure all your corporate knowledge works together and keeps you ahead of the wave.

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