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Drill deeper into your data.

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We help you understand the oil & gas industry better than anyone else. Drill deeper into the data and stay one step ahead of the competition. Be the first to know where the next business opportunity will come from.

Brainnwave are bringing new technology to insight generation in the oil & gas sector.

You can create a market outlook for the sector specific to your own business in minutes; identify where investment is forecast and discover new opportunities before your competitors know they are there.

How can we identify opportunities based gas flaring activity?

With the Brainnwave platform it’s as easy as switching on the gas flaring layer (which takes live satellite data and uses machine learning to identify gas flares, volume of gas flared and frequency of gas flare).

You can then overlay operators in your regions of interest and identify any target opportunities based on your criteria (e.g. flaring frequency > 95% over last 6 months, volume of gas flared > 1MW equivalent).

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How can we develop or refresh our global oil & gas strategy?

Create a market outlook for the oil and gas sector specific to your own business in minutes; identify where investment is forecast and discover new opportunities before your competitors know they are there.

With the Brainnwave platform it’s easy. You can create long-term views for senior management to plan e.g. top 5 countries in each region, top players in those countries then drill down into their assets.

It’s also possible to aggregate data in regions relative to how your business defines a region. Then in that region you can identify top producers and map out core infrastructure (upstream and downstream).

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How do we target relevant opportunities based on our own parameters?

The platform can produce a list of all of the opportunities in your region of choice which may need your product or service.

You can set your own ranking parameters based on business specific criteria (e.g. project stage = conceptual design, terrain = offshore, project type = upstream, timescale = future etc.) then run the algorithms to give a ranked list from most likely opportunity to least likely.

You can then use this to sum up the market potential of the top 20 opportunities and overlay internal resource plans to align with the most valuable ones.

This means making investment decisions in minutes based on trusted data.

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How do we identify qualified opportunities before anyone else?

The platform uses data and algorithms to instantly discover new opportunities and allows you to plan your business development.

In a practical sense this could mean generating the top 10 opportunities that a business development manager working in the Africa Region should prioritise.

With the platform this means selecting the Africa region country filters, check that algorythm sort parameters are set correctly before running it and viewing the list.

You can view the top 10 on a map and then open each opportunity to see who the operator is, what assets are included and which contracts have been awarded.

This means you can identify which contract your competitors have or identify any contract due for renewal in the next 12 months.

The platform also allows you to check proximity to local pipeline infrastructure or to check project details to see who to contact.

On top of contacts, you can enrich the data by auto searching for contacts with key job titles and instantly get their LinkedIn details before exporting that list into a CRM so you can follow up.

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Brainnwave’s augmented intelligence platform pulls structured and unstructured data from multiple sources; it is always up to date with real-time data feeding your analytics 24/7.

Stay informed through our targeted news articles from the most relevant news sources and from internal market reports. The platform provides a single and accessible platform to ensure all your corporate knowledge works together and keeps you ahead of the wave.

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