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Data Solutions.

Making data work for you.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Our data apps help you understand what is important to your business.

Starting with your own internal data we help unify all of your data into our single platform, breaking down data silos. This act of data unification alone often uncovers new insights.

Through our unique Brainnwave marketplace we add external data sets, managing the complexities of licensing and data access, to enrich your intelligence. The data is presented in simple, intuitive and interactive dashboards that provide a common operating picture across your enterprise. Intelligence is quickly shared so a sales opportunity is never missed and your business is able to compete.

Sales Qualification

Sales Qualification

We can help you turn your market intelligence into actionable sales qualification.

How do you know for sure what makes a good sales lead for your business? How do you validate and quantify your pipeline. Have confidence that your sales team is focused on the right opportunities and ensure a consistent approach across your enterprise.

Our data driven approach helps you process vast quantities of data and potential leads to identify those most relevant to your organisation. These leads are shared across your global business development teams through a simple interactive dashboard and integrated into your CRM systems.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Use the power of the latest Machine Learning techniques to look into the future and predict your business growth drivers.

Machine Learning starts with vast quantities of data that is needed to train the algorithms that make the predictions.

We can help you scope out where a Machine Learning solution might be appropriate for your business, help you design and implement the solution and source and manage the input data from your internal systems combined with the data partners from our marketplace.

Smart Meters

Smart Meters

Save millions by increasing your installation efficiency.

A solution specifically for utility companies. We can help you understand your customers, identify those that are more likely to want a smart meter and use geospatial data to schedule and route optimise into route clusters that minimises the engineers travel time.

Our unique data driven approach, incorporating spatial data, helps you dramatically reduce installation costs, reduce the number of installation failures and service the demands of your customers

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  • Brainnwave has been instrumental in helping UNICEF understand how people move so we can coordinate relief assistance in a much better, more targeted way so we can assist the population where the need is greatest.

    Natalia Adler | Data, Research and Policy Planning Specialist at UNICEF

  • We are delighted to be working with our Partner, Brainnwave, on their new product, Geo Spatial Web Services. Brainnwave’s new product provides efficient access to our geospatial data providing users with the ability to analyse the data and generate strategic insights to aid their business.

    Stefan Wells | Head of Partners at Ordnance Survey