Making data work for you.

We work with:

Oil & Gas Industry Suppliers

Use our industry connections to identify strong opportunities.

Data Analysts & Scientists

Source, combine and enhance data, taking your analysis and insights to the next level.

Sales & Business Development

Analyse the market, enrich your contacts and boost your CRM.

Global Marketing

Focus your marketing budgets and see a bigger impact on your effectiveness.


Dramatically reduce the time to discover disruptive insights.

Senior Executives

Enjoy a single and consistent view across all of your markets.


Currently we work with clients in the Oil & Gas, Metals & Mining, Petrochemicals and Utilities sectors.

That said, we are not limited to these sectors. Our platform can join together any data, structured and un-structured. We can take your internal data and enrich it with data from our 3rd party vendors.


With the platform you can:

Increase Pipeline
& Revenues

Use advanced sales qualification and smart data discovery.

Optimise Marketing
& Sales Campaigns

Target your investments where they will have the most return.

Improve Operational

Reduce your time to qualify sales leads and direct your sales force toward real opportunities.

Respond Quickly To Emerging Market Trends

React to changes before your rivals even know about them.

The Brainnwave intelligence platform:

Consolidated Data Store

We use proprietary algorithms and cleansing routines to prepare and deduplicate the data.

For example, we merge internal data sources and enrich them with external data from our partners.

Smart Data Discovery

We employ advanced techniques to uncover hidden patterns within the data.

For example, we use machine learning and data science to identify strong opportunities from enriched historical sales data.

Accelerated Insight Generation

These hidden patterns, along with your own business logic, help us build robust data and analytical models, accelerating your time to insight.

Map data
Map data

Powerful Visualisation

Users can interact directly with the algorithms through the BIP interface.

Your team can customise the parameters, view the results on our maps, or through our custom visualisations.

This enables anybody in your business to react to your changing business environment, having the confidence to quickly make the right decisions.


Brainnwave has been instrumental in helping UNICEF understand how people move so we can coordinate relief assistance in a much better, more targeted way and can assist the population where the need is greatest.

Natalia Adler | Data, Research and Policy Planning Specialist at UNICEF