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Scotland: Data Innovation in the Oil and Gas Sector

If Scotland is at the forefront of data science innovation, then Brainnwave is leading the data revolution and we want to share our secret…

We use big data to create competitive advantage – for CEOs, CFOs and CSOs, this will be music to your ears.

Our unique platform, blends customer data with relevant open data sources to visualise and simplify the outputs, making complex information useful and helping businesses to make quicker, more insightful and more valuable decisions.

Our approach to unlocking opportunity through hidden data is ensuring our clients get ahead – and stay ahead – of the competition.

Spot our CEO, Steve Coates, discussing Scotland and data science innovation and get in touch to find out more about how Brainnwave could help you drive your company forward.

For more information on the platform, see here.

Brainnwave has been instrumental in helping UNICEF understand how people move so we can coordinate relief assistance in a much better, more targeted way and can assist the population where the need is greatest.

Natalia Adler – Data, Research and Policy Planning Specialist – UNICEF (case study)

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Seeing is believing when it comes to what we can do with the Brainnwave Platform.