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Brainnwave is part of a new generation of businesses that uses big data to create competitive advantage.

Despite being on the business agenda for over a decade, very few companies successfully use big data to improve performance. Most only analyse 12% of the data they have. But with 450 billion business transactions expected to take place via the internet every day by 2020, the challenge is becoming business-critical.

There is a cost to the problem, too. So overwhelming is big data that so-called ‘bad data’ is now affecting companies’ ability to create insights that improve operations. This costs the US economy $3.1 trillion annually.

Brainnwave has made sense of big data because of its unique combination of intelligence-led expertise blended with software engineering skills. It is led by highly experienced technologists who have enjoyed successful careers in military intelligence, information technology and consulting, all working on disruptive technologies in those fields.

Brainnwave’s champion SaaS platform is a tool for businesses to use their data for competitive advantage. It blends proprietary customer data with relevant open data sources and visualises and simplifies the outputs. It harnesses complex information and makes it useful.

This challenge is where the biggest companies in the world are investing their time and talent. To date, Brainnwave has successfully deployed its unique technology to customers ranging from global engineering corporations through to social housing developers. The technology is proving to be particularly effective across the Oil & Gas, Mining and Utilities sectors.

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