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Find us at the Offshore Technology Conference, 2019

6-9 May 2019 | Houston, Texas, USA

A new approach to energy sector intelligence

At Brainnwave, we’re using new technology to revolutionise how businesses manage their data intelligence within the energy sector.

This May, we’re thrilled to announce that we will be attending the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for the first time.

As the event celebrates its 50th year, we’ll be introducing delegates to Ossian, our unique data intelligence platform, which is turning traditional, labour intensive methods of data management, upside down.

Ossian has helped our clients to make sense of the volume of energy data that is available to them, enabling them to make confident, quicker business decisions and move on opportunities before their competition even has time to react.


Seeing is believing

We know that the best way to demonstrate how Ossian can help your business, is to see it for yourself. At Brainnwave, we have the expertise and sector knowledge to help you make valuable changes to data intelligence mapping.

Come and see us at the Scotland Pavilion stand (booth 1161) at OTC 2019. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about how we have helped our clients get ahead of the game, check out our client case studies here.

The Brainnwave OTC Team

Steve Coates

Steve Coates

CEO & Co-founder

Steve on LinkedIn

Justin Howat

Justin Howat

Chief Commercial Officer

Justin on LinkedIn

Find us at stand 1161

Find us as part of the Scotland Pavilion in hall E, NRG Center.

OTC Floorplan

Brainnwave are a great example of how companies can deliver complex data science projects by leveraging their network, partnering with academia and by building the ecosystem of data experts. The Data Lab has been a partner with Brainnwave for several years and they have contributed greatly to the data driven innovation agenda for Scotland and have leveraged opportunities to build and grow their data talent and expand their capabilities significantly in both data science and artificial intelligence.

Gillian Docherty | CEO of The Data Lab

I have been championing, for some time now, the need to bring digital innovation from other industries into the housing sector. We are excited to be working with Brainnwave to apply their data intelligence technology to the housing sector. Their innovative approach to data and analytics, developing deep insights about our customers, has never been done before and will help us provide the best possible customer experience.

Doug Silverstone | Head of Data and Analytics at Metropolitan Thames Valley

Brainnwave achieved more in 2 months with 4 analysts than a tier 1 consultancy achieved in 6 months with 6 people.

Shawn Pace | Global Sourcing Director at Goodyear

Brainnwave are a great team to work with. They put a focus on working collaboratively with us and they make sure that they’ve always understood what we need. Their solution has already saved a lot of time through the automation of organising, updating and sharing some of our day to day data (such as fuel prices) across the organisation.

Noreen O’Connor | Senior Strategy Manager at Aggreko Power Solutions

Brainnwave are helping change the way we do business. The platform enables us to make more informed decisions. The platform Brainnwave are developing is using data analytics to provide us with the insights that we cannot access today due to the complexity of the questions we need to answer. This will be a game changer for our global business.

Stephane le Corre | Strategy & Commercial Development Director at Aggreko Power Solutions

We are delighted to be working with our Partner, Brainnwave, on their new product, Geo Spatial Web Services. Brainnwave’s new product provides efficient access to our geospatial data providing users with the ability to analyse the data and generate strategic insights to aid their business.

Stefan Wells | Head of Partners at Ordnance Survey

Brainnwave has been instrumental in helping UNICEF understand how people move so we can coordinate relief assistance in a much better, more targeted way and can assist the population where the need is greatest.

Natalia Adler | Data, Research and Policy Planning Specialist at UNICEF

I have always been a visual thinker and Brainnwave’s Ossian platform enables me to see things that were previously buried deep within reports; this helps me to react quickly to the business environment and make decisions with confidence.

Brian Chalmers | Strategy and Development Director at Wood plc

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