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Augmented BI Methodology

Because technology is not enough on its own.

Our Methodology.

The main frustration with modern analytics initiatives stems from the sheer number of unknowns, the inconsistencies, and the brittleness of the tools that make Augmented BI possible. The past 5 years have seen enormous duplication of efforts by any organization trying to pursue a digital transformation; but that duplication of effort has yielded inconsistent results.

Why are some organizations racing ahead while others have stalled, or are just underwhelmed? It is their ability to build momentum through repeatability.

Repeatable success requires a methodology.

The Brainnwave team has created the platform and the methodology to make repeatable success a reality.

Brainnwave's methodology, simplified.

The SaaS Executive.

The insights you want, tailored to your particular strengths.

The beauty of a SaaS offering is that it shields users (and IT teams) from the complexity, toil, and expense of installing, running, and maintaining commercial software. To date, SaaS offerings for top executives and business leaders have been limited.

Brainnwave is the first to offer Augmented BI as a service.

With the Brainnwave SaaS offering, executives can finally wield the power of new analytics without the monumental effort and expense of building it yourself. Brainnwave is able to do this via our modern, award-winning microservices architecture, and a methodology that will show initial results in just two months.

For the SaaS Executive, this means you can be focussed 100% on what you want to know, and where your vision takes you.

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Data Augmentation.

The data is out there to unlock.

While many BI teams are masters of the data they hold, they may not have the experience or the resources to exploit datasets available to them in the cloud. Additionally, all of the requisite data discovery, licensing, and data engineering work needed to operationalize third-party data streams is difficult, time consuming and arduous.

In a recent IDG/Market Pulse survey, over 90% of respondents said that it was challenging to get data sources in a usable format for analytics - 57% saying “highly” or “extremely” challenging.

This is part of the essential value that the Brainnwave provides, both in technology and in practice.

We are experts in identifying and preparing data - both from the cloud and from your own systems - to feed into the Brainnwave platform.

Data preparation graphs.

Building a Virtual Data Science Team

Data science is best when it specializes.

Exploiting data science is a crucial part of asking the right questions of your data. Your particular sector or target market has its own set of relevant, specialized data sources. So, you get the best results when your data scientists have relevant domain expertise.

To gain alignment on both business and technical goals, Brainnwave creates a virtual data science team with our customers. The virtual data science team can be led by your data scientists, or by the Brainnwave team to extend your existing data science capabilities.

Brainnwave employs a team of master data scientists, and has a network of on-call data scientists with specific sector knowledge that is crucial for a successful augmented BI program.

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Industry Specific Reference Architectures

This is far from one size fits all.

Brainnwave are helping change the way we do business.

The platform Brainnwave are developing is using data analytics to provide us with the insights that we cannot access today due to the complexity of the questions we need to answer. This will be a game changer for our global business.

Stéphane le Corre – Strategy & Commercial Development Director – Aggreko (case study)

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