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Data, AI & Business Intelligence

Decisions With Confidence and Speed.

Let data science help you be “the smartest gal or guy in the room”.

We use Augmented Intelligence to integrate all your data, whatever the shape, size or source (from spreadsheets to satellites).

We build machine learning or advanced analytical models to transform your data into insights. We then give you the tools to present that insight in a visually engaging interface that supports your decision making.

We apply our cutting-edge IP, data, analytics and AI expertise into an integrated software platform that our clients call “game changing”. That platform is customised to fit the specific needs of your organization. We understand one-size-does not fit all and embrace the opportunity that comes from bespoke systems.

We can have you up and running in weeks, not months, helping you make smart, data-driven decisions in marketing, sales and business development in one powerful and easy-to-use cloud platform.

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How Do We Work With You?

Naught to sixty in under two seconds (ok, two months).

What does a typical engagement look like with Brainnwave? Typical is not a thing we experience very often. Every client is different and has exacting requirements. Our skill is to understand this quickly and plug together our tools and assets into a unique configuration that meet these needs.

Clients are surprised at how quickly we do this; in under two months you will have:

  1. Connected and integrated data in a single and clean source of truth giving you a library of clean and engineered data that you can start using immediately in other applications (like Power BI, Tablaeu, Qlik)
  2. User journey maps to fully understand the unique requirements of your users
  3. Technology roadmap that highlights the short term objectives together with the long term vision
  4. Advanced statistical and machine learning models that transform your data into insights
  5. An MVP live with interactive visualisations that support decision making and engage your users and generate excitement
Sprint process flow

Insight Through Data.

We use an Augmented Intelligence approach to AI. Our Machine Learning algorithms remove limitations in your people and enhance their capabilities. Crunching through thousands of data points in fractions of a second to present your management teams with reliable insights to support your decision making process.

Optimization of Your Marketing and Sales Process and Pipeline.

We enable your digital marketing capabilities by connecting data sources to predictive analytics software that helps to identify target accounts and allocate marketing and sales initiatives in real time.

We keep your business ahead of the pack.

We have a suite of algorithms that learn about your business to analyse hundreds of thousands of opportunities across the world in your chosen sector to identify the top priorities your business should focus on. This dynamic opportunity set updates in real time as the underlying data changes meaning that you are the first to know about new and relevant opportunities to grow your business.

We are experts in data engineering and advanced analytics, making all your data work for you – structured and unstructured. We can help you take advantage of the rapidly growing geospatial intelligence market, using satellite and mapping data to uncover new insights.

One Experience.

Our clients demand a scalable solution. To do this we have developed a cloud based platform. That platform is an intelligence hub that combines information from many sources to provide insight and drive effective decisions.

Modern BI is a suite of microservices and tools that create a challenge for your users to navigate, this creates a huge barrier to adoption. That’s why we created a platform that brings the best of breed directly to your users in a single, simple and engaging user interface to find and work with all of your information assets.

Why is this Important?

You need to embrace digital tools.

Business in every industry and sector is becoming data driven; you need to understand what that means for your business and we can help you do that.

A winning game plan for your sales organisation in today’s business environment, particularly with the current economic uncertainty in global markets, relies on new digital tools that will help you prosper.

The sales management landscape has changed.

Most economists agree that the world is due a recession. CEOs and sales leaders may have lived through past recessions but now the landscape has changed.

Digital tools have dramatically changed the sales management landscape.

Make the right choices to fight recession.

To win in a recession, digital tools can help you know which deals to walk away from, which deals to focus your resources on, detect new growth opportunities long before your competitors, particularly important in long sales cycles, and raise your game on pricing of products and services.

New ways to increase sales.

Our clients are experimenting with new ways to increase their sales pipeline and shorten their sales cycle through the use of innovative algorithms and data analytics. They are faced with an ever more complex competitive environment and must adapt to using new technologies to get ahead of their competition.

Augmented Intelligence is at the forefront of the next wave of business intelligence and Brainnwave is helping to lead the way. Being the first to know about an opportunity gives you a competitive advantage.

In the race to close the deal we give you a head start.

Who Do We Do This For?

Strategy & Senior management

Enter new markets with confidence and have a consistent view across your entire organisation. One stop shop for detailed country and sector reports for each market with detailed macro economic data and revenue potential to quickly size the market opportunities and prioritise resources.

Sales & Business development

Be the first to know about new opportunities and contact your customers before your competitors even know there is a deal to be had. Use AI to find all the people you need to be connected to to win the next opportunity. Increase the win rate on your pipelines by knowing when to walk away and focus on the next real opportunity.

Global marketing

Focus marketing budgets on the opportunities that are a priority. Deliver sales messages directly to the audience your business is selling to.

Data scientists

Accelerate your internal initiatives. Combine our external perspective and capabilities with your internal team to rapidly deploy data driven solutions within the business. Our breadth of experience enables us to bash aside buzzwords and hype and help you deliver practical solutions that stimulates a culture of data driven decision making within your organisation.

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Seeing is believing when it comes to what we can do with the Brainnwave Platform.