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Rapid part verification for Goodyear

Enabling procurement specialists to build a master catalogue.


Goodyear are a global leader in tyre manufacturing.

The Challenge

Goodyear’s procurement data was ‘dirty’ meaning the vendors would not provide quotes due to risks in them being able to deliver on contract.

What did we do?

We performed a full basket analysis of procurement data and developed scraping algorithms to auto enrich the datasets.

We built a bespoke in-house tool to enable procurement specialist to rapidly verify product parts to create a master catalogue for SAP.

Brainnwave achieved more in 2 months with 4 analysts than a tier 1 consultancy achieved in 6 months with 6 people!

Shawn Pace - Global Sourcing Director - Goodyear

Shawn Pace - Global Sourcing Director - Goodyear

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